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 Mr. Narvey has the reputation of being a skilled and tough litigator, he also has the respect of his peers and the reputation of being fair-minded, which allows him more often than not, to amicably resolve matters in the best interest of his clients, by negotiation rather than by litigation, resulting in a substantial saving of legal fees and costs.

 Mr. Narvey and his staff take a personal interest in their clients, with whom they take the time to develop a personal relationship.  In essence, legal counsel is provided objectively, professionally, and compassionately.

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 Mr. Narvey is an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer, who has counseled and represented clients in corporate, civil, probate (estate), real estate and family matters, before the Courts of First Instance and the Appellate level.Irving Narvey has been a member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec since 1967.

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